Pyramid Razor Sharpener

Pyramid Razor Sharpener

Pyramid Razor Sharpener

How the Pyramid Razor Sharpener Works.

Firstly, let’s determine that the Pyramid Razor Sharpener actually works at all.

Really I can write until I am blue in the face. If you don’t want to find out, I am not going to convince you. If you want to just get started, then get your pyramid razor sharpener kit by clicking here.

All I can say is that I have tried it and it W-O-R-K-S. Period.

Don’t ask me how because I don’t think anyone knows. The closest I can get is a rather lengthy description on this page. It describes what the effect really is, but it doesn’t say what does it.

This is a mystery that has been around since whoever built the great pyramids of Egypt died.

Not that the Egyptians built the pyramids as a razor sharpener, but it does that none the less.

They took the answer with them.

It seems like its a force akin to magnetism and must have something to do with this because the pyramid has to be lined up with the Earth’s magnetic field to work. More than that we don’t really know.

If you look on the net there are all sorts of weird things associated with the pyramids, but I don’t really go along with it at all.

This is a simple device, much like you would say a prism is a simple device and in fact, my reasoning behind it would be to sat it is a sort of prism in reverse.

What ever this energy is (and that’s the big question) the pyramid sides seem to focus it, a bit like a prism in reverse. The prism bends whit light according to the frequency of each color and we see a rainbow effect.

I think the pyramid takes a “Rainbow” of some other sort of energy and focuses it into a beam.

That beam, or whatever it is, has an effect. My razor blade is sharper than it was.

I have tried larger pyramids and preserved food in them. I put some fish under one for a week.

There was no smell and it was quire dry. It would have been edible, but for the fact that I hate fish. The cat didn’t mind.

I was more interested in using a pyramid as a razor sharpener. Get it here.

Really, it was not the savings I could make on blades, but the fact that the darn thing did this.

Its just made of cardboard, but by having the precise shape and dimensions of the Cheops Pyramid and being aligned with the magnetic field, my razor blade is sharpened!

Seems too crazy to be true, but I have done it.

I made a small pyramid razor sharpener and put it in my bathroom. I put an old twin blade cartridge that I had used until it was uncomfortable in the pyramid and left it for a week.

When I used it I found it shaved well again. Not the same as a new one, but very useable.

I replaced it each day and just kept using it.

You know what?  It lasted for over a year.

I’m not exactly sure how long it was because I had no idea it would last so long, so I didn’t record the date. I thought it might last a month tops, so I wasn’t worried about remembering when I started putting it in the pyramid razor sharpener.

I’m not kidding. It actually works. There’s only one way for you to be sure of it, isn’t there.

So I have made a downloadable file that you can print out on some card and cut out with scissors.

Its a pyramid razor sharpener kit, if you like. You just fold it up and put the razor in it.

The pyramid razor sharpener kit has instructions, not that you need them really. Its pretty simple.

The hardest part is lining up the pyramid razor sharpener  to North and South. You need a compass for that. You can make one, there’s instructions on the net.

So get your Pyramid Razor Sharpener  and see for yourself.

This video is good for making a compass too.


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