Pyramid Razor Sharpener

Pyramid powers

Pyramid powers

Pyramid Razor Sharpener: Pyramid Powers

Let’s take a more scientific look at this Pyramid Razor Sharpener stuff. There really is a great deal of talk about Pyramid Razor Sharpeners, but not much research to back it up. I don’t believe in the psychic stuff, but there’s one thing regarding the power of pyramids I am personally forced to believe.

O.K., so if you know about the power of the pyramid and just want to make one to see how it works, Click Here and Get You own Pyramid Razor Sharpener!

Now I am quite a cynical person and at first I basically wasn’t excited about hearing about my friend’s story regarding the secret of pyramids. He is right into his Pyramid Razor Sharpener and says there are a lot of secrets that pyramid structures hold. According to him you will come across mysteries surrounding the power of pyramid structures, but I told him the only power Pyramid Razor Sharpeners hold is over his sanity.

How a Pyramid Razor Sharpener Would Make me Rich!

So Dave placed a bet. He bet me $20 he could prove to me a secret regarding the pyramids in a sensible scientific way. We can make a test, he said and I would essentially prove it to myself. I said I wasn’t inquisitive about his pyramid healing powers and his meditation stuff, but he assured me that it was to be a straightforward revelation concerning a test of the Pyramid Razor Sharpener. He sounded a bit certain of himself, as he always does, but who cares, I am going to be making 20 bucks!
So now, let me tell you that which we were to do.
Dave reckoned that pyramids can sharpen razor blades.I reckoned I could buy something nice with 20 bucks.
So, we’re to set up an exercise to confirm it. I sure was completely happy to go along…..
Dave brought out a little cardboard pyramid shaped type It looked the same shape as the pyramids we have seen in pictures and it had a flat bottom part on it, a bit bigger than the pyramid shape on top.

He opened one side, just like a door and inside was a small platform with a twin blade razor cartridge on it.
Now the deal was that I was to shave with that razor blade and that blade only for 2 months. I said I was just looking forward far too much to my 20 and how about one month. The purpose was to see if the blade got dull in that time. Now I would typically get a month out of a blade, but by then it is really getting time to chuck it out. He agreed to one month on the condition that when he was ahead at that point, I would keep using it. So, I thought that was really good. I would get my 20 in a month – without a doubt. If there was a remote likelihood he was right I would have another month to figure a way out of it. Its win / win. I knew there are really no truth to the Pyramid Razor Sharpener.
I stuck to the deal and did precisely as he explained. The razor had to be placed in the Pyramid Razor Sharpener after each shave and sat properly on a small stand attached to the base. Everything needed to be stored with the side of the pyramid aligned to the Earth’s North, South axis. A touch unusual, though not much to ask for 20 bucks.

Then Dave told me he had actually been using the razor for three weeks. Twenty dollars flashed before my eyes. So, I took it home and cleaned it (no, I’m not fussy, I appreciate cleanliness) and placed it in the pyramid aligned with the use of a compass my Dad gave me as a kid.
I left it for a week and when I used it I couldn’t call it super sharp, like a new blade, but it certainly worked fine. I actually preferred it over a spanking new blade due the the fact I find them a bit harsh and scratchy to use on the first couple of days. (No, not fussy, I have sensitive skin).
O.K. I’ll cut to the chase.
That darned blade just kept on giving me a perfect shave day after day.

I used it for the month. There seemed to be some truth to the Pyramid Razor Sharpener after all.
I gave him his twenty.
So what is it? Well, I was just a bit taken aback. I could have kept making use of it, but Dave said he wanted it back. I really hope he cleaned it. Most likely not, knowing Dave.
I was determined to find out what was going on, so I contacted another old friend of mine. He’s a scientist type who works with the university. Now it was actually a bit hard to broach the subject with him. I thought I was skeptical, but he’s 10 times worse than me. To my surprise he had been aware of the Pyramid Razor Sharpener and had even determined how it works!
Now, after this rather long-winded blog (I just needed to get it off my chest).

I’m giving you two choices.
1. You will be able to build yourself a Pyramid Razor Sharpener exactly the same as Dave’s (I have) by downloading a file, printing it out, cutting it out and placing your blade inside.

All it takes is about 10 minutes. Send Me To My Pyramid Razor Sharpener Now!
Now, since Dave got my twenty, I just have to get it back (people say I’m a bit anal about getting my money back) though this time I’m not complaining – just making myself feel good, O.K?

So, if you’d like to make a Pyramid Razor Sharpener and bet with your friends (I did) Just Click Here.

Or……2. You can sort through the scientific explanation. Now, its in my own words and I did need to have to go back to Murray a number of times, so it doesn’t sound too sciencey.

O.K. If you are interested, here’s what he thinks about the Pyramid Razor Sharpener.

It has to do with three things – a crystaline build-up on the blade, static electricity and dehydration. The repeated rubbing of the blade on the face hairs induces an ionic crystal formation of the water molecules upon the skin. Ions are electrically charged atomic particles. The positively charged ionic water based crystals gather on the edge of the blade and consequently the sharp edge of the blade results in being thickened and so less sharp.
Now a pyramid is basically a cone shape, but with flat sides and corners. Another character of static electricity is that it moves towards the ends of objects, as it did on the blade – the sharp edge. The end of a pyramid side is a corner. Static charges concentrate in the corners. It also gets concentrated directly above the point of a cone, or as in this instance – a pyramid (a square cone, if you like). It seems that pyramid powers come from static electricity.
Alignment with the magnetic field provides for the naturally present charged particles to be “entrapped” by the pyramid and their resulting focus at the corners. The charged particles are entrained by the magnetic field, just as happens with the aurora. The particular dimensions of the pyramid cause a concentration, or focus of a negative static charge at one third of its height at an equal distance from the four corners. The positive ions form just above the apex. This makes the pyramid a static electricity collector and focusing device. It must be electrically non-conductive. Cardboard is useful for containing and focusing pyramid powers.
The blade is placed at the center of the focal point of the pyramid. The result is that the positive ions of the crystals on the blade are effectively neutralized by the negatively charged ion concentration inside the pyramid. The crystals are stripped of their bonds and water molecules are released. This results in the dehydration (this is the same with mummification) of the crystals, which are destroyed. The blade is now clean and feels sharp once again.

Sceptical about the pyramid razor sharpener? There’s only one way to find out. How else are you going to verify it – and you could make 20 bucks with it just like Dave. Give me the Pyramid Razor Sharpener kit Now!


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